Foggy and Restless

You are in charge of your own happiness. If you are not happy, just think about how bad it is to rely on others to make you happy.

Well, i might need to buy my happiness this night. So let’s just hit the button and catch the smile..


That’s how i fall

From unnecessary talk,
about a big boar, and how would you hunt.
When you quickly walk,
At the park, to the swing under the afternoon sun.

I might want to be with you,
Together inspecting food stalls.
Cause it’s so true,
That’s how i fall.

“Smooth af…”



So this blog might be changed from random nice information i want to write to random things I want to write hahahahaha. Well basically this is my personal blog. So i write what i want to write. 

Tapi sayang trafiknya jar

Anyway, there are so much happen in my life lately, and it’s been so long since the last time i have to adapt with things. It might just because i am lazy af. 

So the first thing is i resigned from my job and decided to focus on my startup project. Quite reckless if i may say, but things happen for a reason. The second big thing is i decided to open my heart and let myself try to embrace love again by dating someone. It’s been 2 months i think, but well i think it’s not bad to try. 

Yaudah sih, gitu doang


Don’t try too hard, you might get fcked pretty bad. Trying too hard will rise your hope up high and make it hurt more if you fall. For any reason just beware not to get your hope too high so it will be saver for you. 

You might wanna say that being hurt is one of the sign of life but believe me you don’t wanna feel it.

Hasemeleh hasemeleh.. 


Kepada yang tersajak di masa depan
Semoga saja pada waktunya engkau berucap syukur
Bukan menghela nafas panjang

Kepada yang akan terikat takdir
Ku berdoa tuk tak tunggu terlalu lama
Ya semoga saja kamu sabar ya

Mau bilang aku ini sangsi,
Tapi jenis kalian sepertinya tak suka yang tak percaya diri.

Gerobak nasi goreng, 2017.