Being a Wota

Last week I went to jakarta with alan and ko ferry to make our little dream come true, to Watch JKT48 Theatre. Well, most of my friend know that I like 48 family so much. But actually, i’m not into the sister group here, in Jakarta. I dont have any particular reason, I just didnt interested.

We went there by train and planned to stay at A friend’s house. The train departed at 02.00 pm and got delayed at sumberpucung because err.. Longsor.


We waited for about an hour for train to be able to move again. We spent the time with murmuring and playing cards which was so fun.


ko ferry didnt want his photo to be taken

We arrived at jatinegara station at 11.00 am and went to mas rahman’s house. We took an enough rest and meals because we’re so damn tired. And the times we’re waiting for has came, watching the real 48 theater *AWYEAAAH*.

We arrived at JKT48 Theater at Fx mall. We surprised with the wotas crowd. Hahahaha otaku,otaku everywhere!!


here is the ticket for team J show, renai kishi jourei


this is JKT48 first album that I buy for a friend in Malang

2013-02-21 16.50.54-1

we bought three, each bought one


alan, in queue to buy the album

I watched 2 shows, renai kishi jourei by team J (originally the setlist A5) and Pajama Drive by Kenkyuusei (originally B3 setlist). The show was great and amaze me so much. Team J was surprisingly adorable and Funny. Especially Jeje and Haruka. The kenkyuusei was doing good, they need to learn more and being better at MCing.

Aah I wanna go there again ><



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