Well, long time no post… ._.
Dunno why, i’m just so lazy to post anything recently. I dont have many activity and I have many inspiration to write here but dunno why I just became lazy..

It’s painful to see people making their happy memories and they r laughing without me. That actually is not a serious matter. you can’t possibly join every moment your friend did, but a mental scar from the past always making me so stressed everytime I know people I know having fun and nice memories together without me.

I just ended hating myself again for being so damn weak to let these small things burden me. Hey, i’m good enough for blaming this problem to myself..

What doesnt kill you, will make you stronger. It doesnt always work that way. Sometimes it will just add more weakness to you due a traumatic moment. And yeah, I got more of that traumatic moment than the one that making me stronger.

Saa oyasumi~


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