Art : Floating Sky “Sangga Langit”


This is my latest artwork. The concept is about a city that floating at the sky. i named it “sangga langit” from Javanesse. It roughly means “sustaining the sky”. i try to play with rough and abstract shape and color to create the shape and depth of the floating city. I add some futuristic vehicle aroud to give it some futuristic impressions and yeah, i think it looked cool. πŸ˜€

i made this artwork for a quest at Mankai. Quest is a system at mankai that provide us, the members to draw/made an artwork with specific theme within 2 weeks.Β  The theme of the quest now is about “Up in the air”.

a friend said that the color i choose for the city was too similar with the background. He thought that i need to pick more contrast color and i think he was right. I think i need more practice to play with color. Anyone can help?

P.S : i googled some artwork to give me some inspirations and found one that i used for the floating city shape. So if you happen to found one, don’t say any bad things, i’ve said that i take it.


10 thoughts on “Art : Floating Sky “Sangga Langit”

    • Nizar says:

      Aduh g us make istilah orang awam.. Seni apapun jg pasti d lihat bermacam orang..
      Btw makasih ya sudah mampir dan berkomentar

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