Day 3 : Twisted Memories in Shuffled Songs

Hey yo.. This is the third post for 30 days blogging Challenge by Emotional Flutter. And the instruction for this challenge is “Put your music player’s playlist on and shuffle it. write about 10 songs that popped out”. This is an interesting game i think. And i will gladly do this now.

Well, for your information, my playlist is consist of 80% Japanesse songs, 5% Indonesian, and 15% western, korean, and others. I dont mean to not to be nasionalist here, but i just love few of Indonesian songs and became attached to it. I love Japanesse song since it so good and i like to hear it. So, here it is..


1. Monkey Majik – Fast Forward

I love Monkey Majik. This band consist of 2 Swedish brothers as not only vocalist but also guitarist and 2 Japanesse as drummer and bassist. This song is fast paced song that told about the world that move fast forward. It told us about the world wouldn’t wait for us to be ready. A nice lesson about life


2. Flow – Blaster

This is an energetic song with some rap in it. This song tell us about seeing life as an adventure. A good yet a very mainstream theme for a Japanese songs. Blaster is about how good life it is when we have something precious to reach.


3. AKB48 – Saigo no Doa

This song’s title means “the last door”. This is a special song for Tomomi Itano, one of this group’s member. Ths song is for her graduation. Graduation in Japanese idol’s terms mean the idol is no longer in an idol group. The song is mainly about separation and dreams. Well said.


4. No Name – Aruji Naki Sono Koe

No Name here doesn’t mean there is no singer. It is a name of an idol group that consist of an anime’s seiyuu (dubbers) called AKB0048, an anime about a wellknown idol group AKb48 within a fantasy world. The song is about a reaching dreams (again).


5. Ashley Tidale ft. Lucas Gabreel – What I’ve Been Looking For

Finnaly, a non Japanese song! hahahahaha. This is a nice and easy listening song from high School musical. A song about love, about how people tend to look for a love, when it already aroud them. Nice song but it so short. It just about 1 minute.


6. SKE48 – Kyou Made no Koto, Kore Kara no Koto

A song about loneliness i think. The song itself means “Things up until now, things from now on”. I’m not quite sure about it, but in my opinion, this is about when we couldn’t rely on anyone, we just need to chese our dreams by ourselves. Well it is quite nice.


7. Nogizaka46 – Dekopin

I can’t find a proper translation for this song anywhere. So i will explain it with my lack of Nihongo abilities. Dekopin is a punishment for a kid at Japan by flicking the forehead. Well, i dont know what does it mean at the song but there is “batsu game” in the lyric that means “Punishment Game”.


8. Monkey Majik – Sunshine

A song from Monkey majik again. This song became an ending song for an anime called Nurarihyon no Mago. It is about dreams (again and again) that spark and warm like a sunshine. Well, i’m starting to bore tell you about dream.


9. DEEN – Hitori Janai

An old song. It means “Not Alone”. Well the title explain what this song about.


10. Funky Monkey Babys – Chippoke na Yuuki

This is a song about how important it is to have a courage even if it is just a little. Chippoke na Yuuki (tiny courage) is a nice and warm rap song.

Well it just happen like i think it would. It is nearly no other song but Japanese. This is a good challenge and i love it. Thanks Kevin to make this great challenge 😀


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