Day 4 : The Actors and Actresses with Respectable Talent

Hola Amigo, here we go again with my 4th post for 30 Days Blogging Challenge by Emotional Fluter. Today’s challenge is “5 actor/actress i love”. So what i need to do is think about 5 famous person i admire, then write about them and my reason why i like them. Honestly, i am not a type of person who adore actor or actress specifically. I just love to watch a good film. that it is. So it is hard for me to think about this. But here we go, look at what i come with:

1. Didi Petet


He is one of Indonesian senior actor that i adore. He is not only an actor, but also a director and lecturer at IKJ. I love how he act.

2. Dedi Mizwar


He is one of Indonesian senior actor that i adore. I dont think that i hate Indonesian new actor / actress, i just dont know them too much. Dedi Mizwar now is a Wakil Gubernur of Jawa Barat andย Chairman of Indonesia’s National Film Council. What i love from him is, he make a film not only to entertain but also to educate. You could see it from his Ramadhan Drama Serials like Lorong Waktu (1-6), Kiamat Sudah Dekat, and Para Pencari Tuhan.

3. Takuya Kimura


So this is Takuya Kimura. Known with Kimutaku as a nickname. He is a Japanese actor, singer, and a member of Japanese idol Group SMAP. He has amazing talent! I love every single films he starred at. His way of act is amazingly cool, and good. He can act nicely as a nerd, salaryman, weird proffessor and so on.

4. Horikita Maki


Another Japanese. She is an actress that i adore so much. She is beautifull hahahahaha.

5. Jason David Frank


i’m sure all of 90’s children will know who is this guy. He act as Tommy, a legendary man in Power Ranger’s History. Well, altough now i prefer to watch the original series of power ranger (known as super sentai) in Japan, my childhood is filled with Mighty Morphin Power Ranger. I heard he play a role at newest Power Ranger series too. i hardly wait to watch


22 thoughts on “Day 4 : The Actors and Actresses with Respectable Talent

  1. Takuya Kimura yang jadi penata rambut di Beautiful Life, jatuh cinta sama cewek berkursi roda penyakitan yang akhirnya meninggal kan? Ahhhh… Sedih..

    Yang dia jadi pilot di Good Luck!! juga cakep.
    Dulu Indosiar rajin banget muterin drama Jepang sekarang udah digeser sama drama Korea.

  2. untung bahasa Inggrisnya gak susah2 amat dibaca hehehe
    eh ternyata kamu ikutan tantangan dari Emotional Fluter ya Zar? keren, moga tetap bertahan
    tapi ngomong2 masalah aktor/artis yg aku suka, yg kamu sebutin di atas itu gak ada yg aku suka hehehe
    suka sama Raffi Ahmad ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. the only I known is number 1, 2 and 5. hey Didi Petet and Deddy Mizwar are adoreable person with so many experiences and achievements. They were Indonesian movie’s legends.
    ahahaha You said about green ranger, Tommy. Mighty Morphin Power Ranger was my favourite series.

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