Day 5 : Place People Call Home

Hola~ Long time no see. I’ve been so busy lately with so many task to do. So now, it is a time for me to continue this challenge. And this 5th challenge is to write about where do i live with some photos that taken by myself. So here we go!.

Well i grow up at a little village called Harjokuncaran. This village is one hour and half from Malang and about 15 km from sea. A nice village placed at hills with fresh air. You still could hear bird tweeting at your backyard in the morning. My house, like anyone’s house here is a house with large yard filled with many kind of plants. A nice athmosphere to grow.

Camera 360

frontview of my home
Camera 360

Side view. A wide space that become a cassava garden lately
Camera 360

A Jackfruit tree. Will give ton of Jackfruit in no time
Camera 360

the view of my backyard. Almost all of people here have a coconut treeCamera 360my room. It will be my brother’s when he come



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