Day 7 : When This Fat Guy Became A Fat Robotic Cat

I dont know why the readers choose a Doraemon instead of other options. It would be cooler if they choose Police or a president. I always wanted to be a president in my childhood. Before i know that scientist is way cooler for me. But yeah, the result say so and what i had to do is write about this robotic cat.


If i am Doraemon, in case i don’t programmed to obey Nobita and help him. I will live my life freely and do whatever i want. having that 4 dimensional pocket installed on my stomach is incredibly incredible *evil smirk*. Maybe i will start with using Takecopter (Baling-baling bambu) to travel to anyplace i want. But wait, having acrophobia will make me uneasy to fly. So i will use Doko Demo Doa (Anywhere Door) to accomplish my greed.

Well like famous quote that Uncle Ben said in Spiderman Movie, “With a great power, Comes great responsibility”. I dont think that i able to use the power properly. So guys, it is good for you to know that i dont have such power. hahahahahahahaha

*what an absurd article -_-‘


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