Day 8 : A Letter to Beloved Person

To someone out there..

How are you now? it was a very long time since the last time we meet. Is it a year already? i’m not counting. Are you stay healthy there? are you well adapted now with your new environmet? I always wanted to asking and send you message like i always did in the past. But i know i dont wanna lose control and get addicted with you.

For a girl that is so strong now..

Sometimes i miss the time when you asking me about your problem. That is one of best moment in my life. a moment when i felt recognised and needed by someone dear to me. Now you must be strong enough to stand and face the world right? That’s good. Do your best there okay?.

Hi, you who still in my memories for many years..

I dont know how the destiny will flow, so do you. I dont know who will sit beside me in my wedding. There is a tiny hope in my heart that she will be you. Recently i can maintain this tiny hope so it wouldnt explode and hurt myself. There is a time when this hope becoming huge monster and pounced me, you know. I am a better guy for control and hold back my feeling now.

Hi, you..

Maybe the world will do us apart. Maybe we will found the right person for each of us. Altough i felt that our world is so different and it seems like you are the unreachable star. If Allah give me a chance someday, and Hope He will. I will propose to you properly. I will propose to you, and asking your parents in a proper manner.




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