Day 9 : Quite Nice Quote

There was plenty quotes i’ve heard or read before. Some are good and some are not. So here they are, Best quotes in my point of view.

With a great power comes great responsibility – Uncle Ben from Spiderman.

This is an incredibly famous quote from first Spiderman the movie. It is said before Uncle Ben, Peter Parker’s uncle was dramatically killed by a robber. This quote is always reminded me to be aware of any responsibility i should bear.

I’m not in this world to live up to your expectations and you’re not in this world to live up to mine – Bruce Lee.

I fed up with people questioning and expectations. It so damn annoying and tiring to live up to people expectation. I dont like it very much. Sometimes people just want to make a problem without thinking. So yeah, here my middle finger.

There is no people in this world that purely white or purely black, so dont judge – A Friend.

A friend of mine told me this quote when we talked about other friend’s problem. She said that you need all of point of view related to the problem to judge people. Everythings happen for a reason, even the evilest thing. So it will be good for us not to judge others by what just we could see.


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