Day 10 : Fantastic Place Around the World

There are a lot of fantastic places around the world. Some popular with its scenery, when the others popular with the culture. Many reason included to tell a place is fantastic and of course, i have my own reason for that. Many places i wanna explore and if i got a chance, i will gladly explore every places there. But if i need to tell my priority, here is my top three :

1. Mecca the Holy City


The must visit place before i die. It have to be a place that moslem want to visit the most. I wanna go there with my mum and my wife someday *amiin*

2. Japan the Sunrise Utopia


Japan is famous with so many things. Its pop culture, beauty land, etc. I wanna go there for a trip and see with my own eyes the beauty of Japan

3. Venice the Lovely Canal City


Well first time i know this place is from Mentari Magazine back in my childhood. A friend once told me about the beauty of this place. It made me interested and wanna go there to enjoy the canal trip


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