Day 11 : Eating is Loving

Eating is loving. The art of enjoying your meal is to love what do you eat because It is frustating to eat something you dont like. Luckily, i nearly don’t have anyfood to hate. But to say a menu i love to have for breakfast, lunch, and dinner is piece of cake. So here they are.



Honestly, i am not a picky person when it comes to food. Well, i’d love to have pecel for my breakfast with a freshly fried tempe. Malang’s tempe is incredibly more delicious than any other tempe i ate.



I have a lunch after i done my work. When i come back home, i pass by a Lontong Kupang stall. The Lontong Kupang there is good. I often have lunch there.


I dont have any favorite food for dinner. So anythings fine


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