Toys for Grownup

Lately, i became addicted to toys. I know it seems so childish for grownup like me but i am not alone. hahahaha. Well , i have several toys collection that maybe can’t be called a collection but it will be more in the future.

Toys i adore are not cheap. It cost around Rp. 100.000,00 until a million rupiahs. But the toys is so good and artistic. For me the toys is not just a toys. They are art pieces that have artistic side in many different ways. So here some toys  that i adore.

1. Transformer


All of you must know transformer. A group of metalic alien that changing dramatically into vehicle or anything. I love it because the toys can really dramatically change into 2 mode. I adore how the designer thinking of the changing mechanism. For now i just have three of them. Bulkhead and Wheeljack from transformer animation and Topspin from transformer the movie. I want to collect more of them because each of them is fabulous!


2. Figma


Figma is one of toy manufacture for figure mainly from Japanese Animation film. Figma, the Japanese line of super-articulated action figures, is set to release toys based on popular properties. The molding works is incredibly nice and the paint job is fantastic. I don’t have any of them but i wanna have at least one of them.


3. Model Kit


A plastic model is a plastic scale model manufactured as a kit, primarily assembled by hobbyists. A plastic model kit depicts various subjects, I love model kit because it is fun to assemble it. The most tiring assembly i did is Schneider Liger from Zoids. It consist of around 30 runners (model kit part sheet).

Camera 360


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