Bond, The Invisible Thread


People connected each other with social interaction. It is like there are invisible threads that bond people each others. Not all of the people connected but people will be connected by other people so there will be undirect link for everybody in this world. The threads, that imaginary threads can be called society.

That opening words is so weird, isn’t it? I just got a feeling that my social relationship grew better this past 5 years. It is hard to find a good friend that you can rely on and i don’t even have any confidence to rely too much to my family. But i have to grow up and i’m already grownup so i need to let my family feels that they are precious.


In Persona 4, a Playstation 2 Role Playing Game (RPG). You need to strengthen your social link with anyone around you to be stronger. This process called Social link in the game and every single specific social link depicted as Tarot cards called arcana. To level up your arcana you have to do something deep or has big impact to the social link.


The word “something deep or has big impact” made me realise that social relationship could only grow bigger by great impact. It explain why some people in the group still badmouthing each other behind. Maybe they never feel or give “great impact” around. So there is no strong bond created between.

So how did my social relationship going in the past 5 years?. I didn’t do many things with great impact nor i felt it. I just think that it is a waste to befriend close with someone who badmouthing people in their back. There is a big chance for me to be badmouthed by person like that. So i tried to hold back my feeling and be not too close with anyone.

So lately, in the past few months. I starting to try to believe that i have a chance to have close friends. Friends that i could rely on. Friends that made me help and do anything without worries. For some reason, i still feel weird to have people around did so many things for me. I mean, It is already 23 years for me to be adapted by surviving life by myself. But i will try.


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