[Review] Transformer Prime the Animation : Wheeljack by Takara Tomy


As i wrote before, i like toys. Here is one of my Transformer collection, Wheeljack from Transformer prime animation series. The stories told that Wheeljack is one of the roughest Autobots around. As one of the last surviving Wreckers, he’s seen plenty of action, and he’s got the snarky one-liners to prove it. If there’s anything he likes more than slicing up Decepticons with his swords or inventing new gadgets to blow up Decepticons in different ways, it’s hanging with his old buddy, Bulkhead (who calls him Jackie).


I got this little buddy at Surabaya Toys Fair with very cheap price. It is just about 10 bucks. And this toy is super nice. Nice molding and nice transformation so this toy is my favorite from all of my collection.

IMG_7757 IMG_7759 IMG_7758 IMG_7763

The robot mode is nice. It have enough articulation for you to pose it dramatically. Han move nicely, Foot can be adjusted well, and the head is good thanks to ball joint. But some of non available articulation such as torso aticulation is dissapointing. it hands articulation is a little limited due to big junk of vehicle mode’s door. It comes with dual sword as a weapon that can stored in his backpack quite nice.

The transformation of Wheeljack is interesting. It is fun and entetaining altough for someone who are’nt used to transformer toy (which is why i don’t think this is toy for child) it is hard to transform it. Like most of transformer toys (the original one), eveything lock perfectly.

IMG_7746 IMG_7747

The vehicle mode is based on a sport car. I don’t know what it exactly is because i don’t get the information anywhere. It can store its weapon under the vehicle or being something tusk-like in front of the vehicle. One thing that dissapoint me is the back of the vehicle feels like it will have a wing to be attached. But in fact there isn’t. So it feels weird to see two cilynder things at the back. But Overall, this mode is nice.

This toy is manufactured in Japan by Takara Tomy. Altough the molding is similar, the packaging is different. One biggest different is mini-cons. Mini-Cons are a race of small, roughly human-sized Transformers capable of powerlinxing with a larger Transformer to impart extra abilities or greatly increase their strength. So The Takara Tomy’s toys come with one mini-con.

IMG_7765 IMG_7766 IMG_7768

The mini-con for wheeljack is a humanoid robot with screw driver in both of it hands. One plus and one minus. This lack of articulation robot can transform to huge weird sword to be held by wheeljack. With a certain angle, you can get a nice photo of wheeljack with the sword.

IMG_7771 IMG_7772

Overall as i said at the beginning of the review, this toy is nice. Go get one if you are a transformer toy’s fan! Oh yeah, here is the bonus!



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