Welcome, Fellas!

So after so many debate and chitchat with other members of Japan Culture Daisuki (JCD), we decided to ask 4 persons that help us at Dai Daisuki! Japan – Taiyoutopia to join us and be the part of JCD’s family. FYI, we hardly let people join us because JCD can’t be simply described as a usual community. JCD is more like a team with mutual dreams. we may not change the management structure forever because we decided to end this all JCD things when we can’t take care of this business anymore. JCD is more like a home for some of us. It is a place for us to feel accepted and heard. Many of us happen to be unaccepted by circles around us so that’s why we love this place.

So well, these are they. Welcome fellas!!



So this guy is a quiet one. Without so many talk and babling he will do the job quietly. At night before Dai daisuki Japan held i ask him to help me arrange the tables for the food and accesories stall. He help me quietly until it nearly finished without saying any word. He just say “mas aku istirahat sebentar”(Big bro, lemme rest for a while) with so exhausted face. I just so impressed with his attitude. Some people that help us before love to grumble over so many things and that will not help.



So this girl is Alvin’s girlfriend. Well she quite talkative and sensitive. She cried when we ask her to join us. well, i still don’t get the reason why did she cry maybe she was so moved with our proposal (but i don’t know why she should). She did well when she help us to get people to fill our stall. She is nice girl that like to brag about her relationship with Alvin lately. No, i’m not envy! well maybe a little.



This guy is fun 😀 he is a hardworker too. He made our decoration staff, Yoga not lonely and playing with his little duck again XD. He is nice guy and responded fast when needed. He is not a Javanese and his accent is unique 😀



She is the last person we ask. I know her quite long since we joined DVS manga several years ago. We let her handle Quest House at Dai daisuki Japan. She did the job incredibly well. Her dedication to the event, and her activeness is superb. Well, JCD is lack of pretty face so she will brighten this family for sure XD

Well i hope this family will grow bigger and bigger.


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