When A Drama Turn Out To Be Your Live

There are many people around me feeling so fed up with indonesian drama series. The story is always forced to keep running on and on with the same pattern. Some stories like love between super duper rich and fantastic with a random poor one, family’s fighting with over-melancholy protagonist are super duper hyper ultra mainstream pattern on indonesian drama series nowadays and became Stories that people enjoyed watching.

So now, can you imagine when that stories turn out to be your live? A super complex and hard to believe story that you think will just end up being watched on television now becoming reality with you as the main character. Can you ever imagine that? Have you ever dream about it?
I myself doesn’t have any spectacular plot twist in my life except for once. That’s about my past love story which was happen around 3years ago. That time i get closed again to an ex-girlfriend. We are being closed again without i knew that she is engaged to another man. From that point onward, my life is becoming such a drama with a bad ending. There were many things happen that time and i call that time as one of my life phases when i learned the most. Until now, i got several stories from my friends when their lifes turn out dramatically into one kind of drama series. Stories that so unbelievable and seems like too dramatic to be true but actually happen.
So when your life turn out to be a drama, are you sure you ready to handle it?


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