“with a great power, comes great responsibility”

A popular quote from Ben Parker in Spiderman Movie. It told a lot about how power and responsibility are related closely and I learn much of it in two different condition which is a good way to learn. And the lessons is about leadership.

Lemme tell a first story about leadership. The first leader is a leader who responsible for a team with very heavy task and lack of members. Because off the task is heavy and team members cant afford to handle it all, he always manage to solve the hole that no one can. He always try to be calm in front of clients, and being hard on the team so every task be done properly. He always maintain his coolness, and always come with plan b,c,d and so on.

The second leader is a leader who, how to say, always try his best(?) maybe?. So he is always try to looked goodbin front of people especially the upper man. The teams seems like okay but it is broke inside. His way to handle things seems like no problem will be happen but it actually will.

So from the first leader I learn about how leader should maintain his team and fill the hole missed. How the leader should be aware of anything he did and plan. He is the best team leader I ever seen. From the second story, I learn about how hard it is to be a leader. Even a slightest mistake can ruin your leadership and team.

Off course I learn about being leader is so damn hard =_=”


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