Day 15 : Superpower I Want

What will i choose, when i can have one of Super power?


i want to have a power to leap through the space like in the movie called Jumper. I want it so bad because it would be convenient to easily move from place to place. I can save so many time spent on the trip and move from one place to another instantly. I can go to any place i want easily and fast.

Okay, wake up. the dream is over


Day 14 : This Fat Boy in 10 Years Later

What am i in 10 years later? Well in case i still blessed with Allah’s salvation to live healthly here is my answer.

10 years from now means i am 33 years old. I imagine i have a happy family with a lovely wife and one 5 years old healthy child. I have a decent job and nice warm house. So what else should i write? hahahaha Sorry for the sort post.

Day 13 : People Grew, More they Knew

How far i’ve changed in this 2 years? as i wrote as a tittle that the more people grew, the more they knew. So do i.

In this 2 years the most change i feel is my way of thinking about anything around me. I became more and more open minded and could let go any bad feeling easily. This is nice change i think. Well you know, sometime we burdened by what people thinking and for my past self, it is not counted as “sometime”. It happen every damn time.

My point of view of love is actually changed. Now i don’t think about any non-marital relationship (pacaran) is right. So i will try to find better way to get a wife when the time has come.

Day 12 : I show you nice show


So in this 12th challenge, i need to post about a TV show i like. Honestly, i don’t have any local tv show i like. But lately, i love the new Indonesian TV station called Net TV. That TV station has so many nice show. I also like to downloads foreign TV shows (mostly Japanese one). I dont include my TV series favorite because it will be a lot to write. So here is the list: Continue reading