It’s still there

So it actually still there. The overwhelming feeling when you just doing simple thing like saying hi after awhile.

Sometimes ago, when it was rain hard and i just stared outside the window spacing out. That was a moment when you usually randomly thinking about your life right?. That’s when i thought about when was the last time i felt in love?. Hahahaha so random and cheesy i actually wanna puke myself.

But that was what i really thinking. And i realised that It’s been a while since the last time i felt weird things like love. I even thought that i wouldn’t feel it again for a while.

It is nice to feel normal. Lol.


Pour the rain, Heal the pain
Write your story, reveal the worry
Face it straight, make it bright

Hey soulless people, rise up your head
No worries with trouble, it is not that bad

Because sometime all you ever need is just believe in yourself more

Demam Pokemon Go

Hisashiburi desu~

Anyway, beberapa waktu kemarin orang-orang demam pokemon go dan jadi banyak banget yang suka pokemon. Tua muda dan segala jenis kelamin main ini dari sabang sampai merauke kayaknya. Sekarang kita bisa tiba tiba disapa dan memulai pembicaraan random dengan orang asing lebih mudah karena ada bahan kalau sama-sama main pokemon. Continue reading

Anger Management


Nothing good gonna come out from uncontrolled anger. At least That’s how life taught me. A friend said that by being angry we lose a chance to kill elegantly and that’s what i always telling myself when i became unstable emotionally.

Btw, have you guys ever feel the joy of a silent revenge? Try it sometimes. It is so damn sweet