Don’t try too hard, you might get fcked pretty bad. Trying too hard will rise your hope up high and make it hurt more if you fall. For any reason just beware not to get your hope too high so it will be saver for you. 

You might wanna say that being hurt is one of the sign of life but believe me you don’t wanna feel it.

Hasemeleh hasemeleh.. 



Kepada yang tersajak di masa depan
Semoga saja pada waktunya engkau berucap syukur
Bukan menghela nafas panjang

Kepada yang akan terikat takdir
Ku berdoa tuk tak tunggu terlalu lama
Ya semoga saja kamu sabar ya

Mau bilang aku ini sangsi,
Tapi jenis kalian sepertinya tak suka yang tak percaya diri.

Gerobak nasi goreng, 2017.

The Soul of Your Smile

Ok enough with that cheesy and cliché title. I regret my choice of how to name it.

So today, once more, finally my team and i organized an event again after a long long hiatus. It feels good, it feels really good to be honest.

Gazing trough the glittering light of the stage from behind. Making sure everything is working at least at “okay” condition. Being noticed not as yourself but as a whole single creation is always addicting.

Maybe the main reason of this excitement is, i can feel myself being affecting and accepted. It make me thinking continually. But for whatever reason it is, it is felt great 😀

It’s still there

So it actually still there. The overwhelming feeling when you just doing simple thing like saying hi after awhile.

Sometimes ago, when it was rain hard and i just stared outside the window spacing out. That was a moment when you usually randomly thinking about your life right?. That’s when i thought about when was the last time i felt in love?. Hahahaha so random and cheesy i actually wanna puke myself.

But that was what i really thinking. And i realised that It’s been a while since the last time i felt weird things like love. I even thought that i wouldn’t feel it again for a while.

It is nice to feel normal. Lol.